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The VFX Horde offers an easier way to build online training for VFX professionals. Save time by pluging into a VFX Horde training sequence with training materials at your fingertips such as film footage, tracked cameras and 3D assets. Take a look at the VFX Horde Build pipeline for more information. You can also building assets for an up and coming sequence. Look at the positions listed below:

VFX Horde Lead

Leads have the option of picking from the current sequence offerings or we can develop a new sequence specifically for your training. Meet with our leadership team to brainstorm your training idea and what elements might be required. You can also develop a standalone training course using the Horde training framework or be a Lead in our Review Room.

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VFX Horde Artist

Artists build VFX Horde Sequence training material—from camera tracking to rotoscoping to modeling and texureing. Choose the tasks you want, pick your own hours and work remotely for ultimate flexibility.

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VFX Horde
Manage and coordinate the efforts of the leadership teams and artists in creating VFX Horde training material as a Production Manager or Coordinator.
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Build VFX People is a VFX Horde Team portal and resource to assist in provide quality cutting edge VFX training.

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